Friday, July 08, 2011

Yaounde et Au Revouir Cameroun, El pais Beau!!

Here I stand (well sit) in Yaounde with a few hours until I leave Africa and Cameroon. Again, expectations have been defied. I highly recommend Cameroon for a taste of West Africa. The only negative I can think of is the cos of accommodation.
I came here in the rainy season, but didn`t lose a day to rain, so I have been lucky. The weather has, in general been good and cool. My only regret is not being well enough to climb Mount Cameroon. 
I left Bamenda yesterday. The day before I travelled northwards along the ring road in a packed minivan to see the Metchum falls, on the Metchum River.
The Pastor preches to the bus before we leave Bamenda for Yaounde.
Metchum falls proved to be big and impressive in an amazing part of the country. The ring road is in the north-west and has been a highlight of Comeroon. The transport also was. The mini-vans or bush taxis have all been packed to the hilt, leaving us wondering often whether we would make it. If that isn’t amazing enough, we hitched from the falls to a northern town called Wum to get transport back to Bamenda.
Streets of Yaounde.
After three days trips in as many days , yesterday I took a bus to the nation’s capital, Yaounde. It’s not got a lot of sights , and the National Museum is closed for renovations at the moment. So many closed museums on this trip.
Still, leafy and wide streets, it’s not too bad here.
The bus journey was eventful. I had a six yearold fall asleep on me for the whole jounrey nearly – over six hours. We had a wmon come on the bus trying to sell some sort of tonic, then a pastor who said he would cure our illnesses. I still have a cough !! The bus was very packed an chaotic and took two and a half hours to leave, but before nine pm I was here in Yaounde.
Metchum Falls.
And soon I am gone, like the wind, with six weeks in Europe and then to Japan again, followed by my first teachng English gig in Georgia. Yes... the future awaits. You know I have been to some brilliant places, yet I remain excited.....

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