Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is Oxford!

Seems my liking for interesting titles has all but disappeared! Here I am in Oxford, greeted by (relatively) good weather, I had a bit of an explore today, also visited the Church of St Mary the Virgin and climbed the tower.
Ye Grande Olde Building, Typical of ye Oxford!
The journey was slow on National Express, the buses that cover the UK. Long wait in Birmingham reminded me of my trip in 2000-01 where I had many long waits in Birmingham for connections. But I arrived last night in Oxford to find it bustling with many people indeed. Yes, many students are staying on and many tourists are here visiting.
Organ in Chruch of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford.
 And why not? Oxford is a beautiful town full of more universities than you could poke a stick at! Los of wonderful buildings too everywhere you go. It's a lovely place to be and no mistake. I am staying at unversity residences which has turned out to be a good move, I have a nice room withy plenty of spce, with five nights here I am able to unpack and spread out.
St Mary the Virgin.
 So now I can kick back and relax and check out a few places I will never study! Don't lose your bookmark!
View from Chruch Tower of Oxford.

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