Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Fon of Bali, artwork and amazing views.

So since Limbe I moved on to Bamenda, a bustling busy town in the English speaking north of the country. It's been the base for a couple of day excurisions, and should be for one more tomorrow.
Yesterday I took a squishy bush taxi, two plus driver in the front, four in the back, to the little village of Bali.
This is where the Fon of Bali recieves honoured guests.
 Bali is an amazing little village 20km from Bamenda which has a great community spirit. Singing can be heard across the hills, and the place is looked after by His Majesty Dr Ganyonga III, the Fon of Bali. For the unitiated in Cameroonian governmental systems, much of this area in the north is divided into Fondoms, or small Kingdoms. The Lonely Planet informed my travelling partner and I that we could get a palace tour! So we found the palace and waited for the receptionist. A man passed us and said as it was Sunday everyone was at prayers. He suggested we come back tomorrow. As I gathered myself to leave, the receptionist appeared and we got our tour. Little did we know, the gentlman who we first spoke to was the Fon! So now I have officially met a King! He solves disputes, entertains and recieves many guests from government representatives to even foreign diginitaries. They all work together for the people of Cameroon.

Masks at the Prescraft Centre.
 Today we headed to a place called Bamessing where we visited an arts and crafts centre where traditional African crafts are made such as masks and bowls. The people work here and we saw them working with the clay. It's another community project and was a great place to visit and buy things too, good prices. It is called 'The Prescraft Centre'.
View from Sabga Hill.
On the way back we climbed to the top of this amazing hill and saw some of the surrounding hilly area. Breath-taking views from Sabga Hill near the village of Sabga. This area is known as the 'Ring Road'. It's a windy road that circles the area. Tomorrow we plan to go a different direction!

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