Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting my Geek on!

Sylvester McCoy (The 7th Doctor) & Myself, London Film & ComicCon.
Well folks, a brief sort of soourn from the travelling. After a night I'd rather not remember flying from Yoaunde to London, losing my bag and struggling for a measly hour's sleep on the plane, I touched down in sunny England with two days of serious nerdom ahead!

London Film & Comic Con 2011.
The above two pictures are from London Film and ComicCon, apparently a title sneakily stolen from the original ComicCon oft held in the States. Well, for me, a Doctor Who fan, it was great. I got to meet actors from the series I have never met before. If the naes Sylvester McCoy, Sarah Sutton, Sophie Aldred, Louise Jameson, Richard Franklin and John Leeson mean anything to you, you might have been excited too.
Then again, there were many people frpm different series and movies there. The Highlander guy for one, and Christopher Lloyd of Back to the Future, Taxi and Star Trek fame. Did I say Star Trek, then how about Brent Spliner who played Data? There was Kenny Baker - R2DC from Star Wars and many more, but THE most sought signature was that of Karen Gillan, the present Doctor Who companion and pin-up girl. I only saw her from afar.

Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) and Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor) at the Doctor Who Day, Beer.
But wait, there's more. On Sunday I made my way to Beer from my base in Exeter to a 'Doctor Who Day' at a little place called Pecorama. Beer is a really pretty town on the English South Coast. Sarah Sutton also appeared there, and I got to meet the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker. And play mini-golf, and see a Doctor Who exhibition.

On my side with a Dalek! How do you turn the thing around?

Masks etc at the Exhibition, Pecorama, Beer.
But now I am in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. The sojourn is over, and I am a back-packing tourist once more! Cardiff has many tourist attractions.. the Torchwood Hub, a Doctor Who Exhibition.... yes my geeky sidetrip is done with...

Beer, Devon, England.

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