Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Holidays.... Scrap Metal, Cars and..... Beer???

When one is travelling one needs a bit of a break sometimes. To settle down for a week with friends and not be a tourist for a short while. If that is possible. That's what I have been up to of late. Now, I am in York, back being a tourist in this awesome little town I can't believe it's taken me so long to visit. 
So I have been in a place called Northampton where I helped a good mate remove some scrap metal from his house. I tried and failed at Salsa dancing. I had a few beers and was told quite adamently that we don't drink beer in Australia, it's only drunk here in England. Okay, I call what the Brits drink 'Ale' to differentiate it from the cooler, easier to drink lagers and bitters we principally drink in Australia. Essentially though... I disagree and would kill for a Pure Blonde or Cascade Premium.... Fosters is the main Australian beer available here. Enough said.
What's NOT to love about possibly the best tourist site in England? A scrapyard in Northampton.
Well, then I journied to ChesHam to catch up with another old friend, one I hadn't seen since January 2001. Chesam is a wonderfully English village/town with a great little old town not so far from London. Another couple of lazy days going on picnics, confounding people with requests for Aussie-style burgers and the discovery of a computer game I somehow had missed called 'Angry Birds'. Then there was the car - a Westfield. This was worth taking a hair-raising ride in! An inch from the ground, nothing to keep the English Wniter... What? Sorry person next to me just informed me that it is Summer here. That doesn't seem right. Still, no roof to keep the weather out, an engine that sets off car alarms.... Woooohoooooooo!

The Westfield. Vroom!

Now I am in York, visited an amazing 'Minster' (Cathedral) here today. But - that's for the next entry!

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