Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back in Tallinn

Hi folks
well last night I arrived back here in Tallinn by bus. I am fair exhausted but and am off to find me a ferry to Helsinki this morning.
Well, I had a great time in St Petersburg. I saw the Hermitage as perviously mentioned, visited the Alexander Monastery, travelled the Metro and saw a few amazing churches. Also I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend who lives in St Petersburg.
The city is so busy, I was quite amazed. I had visited eight years ago and don't remember so many people on the street or fighting to get inside the packed metro system.

I did a side trip to Novgorod, a comparitively serence and calm place where people seemed much happier in general. The streets were so much quieter. I visited the kremlin there, a castle-like fortification housing ancient churches and the monument to the millenium of Russia. Outside flowed a river, with an interesting bridge, and for the first time in daylight hours the sun actually came out in Russia! I was quite amazing.

Yesterday I took the bus back here from St Petersburg, and today I will travel to Helsinki for my half day there. Tomorrow morning this time (8.20am) I will be off to London town!

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