Wednesday, October 03, 2007

10 hours and counting

i have under ten hours to go
last minute things to do - finish packing and vacuum the apartment. not much else really.
Ive had a bit of a drama trying to find accommodation in Stockholm. I have no idea why in October it was almost impossible to find a hostel bed, but i could book for the 4th and 7th and not the 5th and 6th!
So after calling City Backpackers I have secured a double room for my entire daily budget for those two nights. Obviously said budget will need to be adjusted...

The wonderful land of Mali. Remember? I was on a bus from Bobo Diolousso in Burkina Faso to this country and didn't make it past the outskirts of town? Well, This time I fly in on the 5th of November. There is a lot to see in this amazing country, from the Mosque at Djenne to the Dogon Country.

And then flying over to Dakar, Senegal. Can I make it this far? Only time will tell. It was my ultimate goal on two past trips. Hopefully I make it there this time! I will try to stick to beaches in Senegal - Dakar, St Louis and a bit of a trip to Thies which is kinda inland and has a tapestry factory.

Then I have a brief stop in Casablanca for one day and two nights, a night in London and I fly home!!!
Will I survive?
Will I catch another deadly disease?
Will I get married?
Will I become President of a relatively unknown African Country?

Only time will tell....

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