Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tallinn with pictures

Today I have dont some sight seeing around Tallinn. I also had some dumplings for lunch. Up on the hill that overlooks the city is Toompea, where the interesting and impressive Dome and Alexander Nevsky (pipcture) Churches stand. I was allowed inside but not to take photos. The Alexander Nevsky Church is Orthodox, and full of gold and icons. The Dome Church is white, with wooden sheilds lining the walls. Also an impressive organ.

Walking through the Old Town is great, and I think out of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn Tallinn wins the 'Best Old Town of the Baltics' award. Many little streets, Such as the pictured St Catherine's Walk, to walk around for hours and get lost in.

I took a bus out to Pirita where there is the shell of an old monastry. Very few tourists out there, whereas the old town is full of them despite the time of year. On the way back I walked a couple of kilometres to see this Soviet style park decorated gaily with concrete. Into the concrete was the imprint of hands (pictured). Nice place Tallinn...

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