Friday, October 05, 2007


Hi Folks
Everything is coming up in an Asian language here except what I write so I hope that this posts ok.
Well, I left Melbourne this morning at 0.15 and well so far the day has gone 27 hours. That is because Sweden, where I have safely arrived, is eight hours behind Melbourne. I have never done the trip to Europe in one hit before, usually I have stopped in Asia making it much easier, but let me just say I am a little in the twilight zone here.
Malaysian Airlines are great. Great service and their pilots appear to be excellent with two of the best landings I have experienced. I arrived at Kuala Lumpur after the first flight barely alive, the red wine I had had before leaving was not my friend. I collapsed *tired* on a bench and fell asleep. It was around 6am Malaysian time. I woke up and the sun was up and it was 7.58 which was great. The second flight was good too. Views over Afghanistan were just breath taking.
I also slept enough by the time the flight was half over and was generally awake for the second six hours. Arriving in Stockholm things went pretty quickly and smoothely = thay was until I was almost out through customs and I was brought over, randomly chosen out of two entire flights, to have my bags thoroughly checked. Individual items were even xrayed. Well, after all that they found nothing and I was allowed to proceed. And I did, to the ATM machine, which registered a technical fault. I tried another with the same result. Not a good start.

I paid for the bus to the city another way and changed some aussie dollars, and after a 40 minute trip was in the city centre, five minutes walk took me to the very conviniently located City Backpackers. It is ok.... the rooms seem good at least, even if some things are sort of broken.
It is 7.27 here in the evening. In Melbourne it would be 3.27AM the next day. So yes. The twilight zone......

However we are underway!

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