Friday, October 19, 2007

Tallinn (1)

Today I arrived in sunny Tallinn. The weather was really good today actually, unfortunately yesterday it was pretty crap and rained from sun up to sun down. Then, today as I leave and am on a bus all day there is sunlight. Quite infuriating.

I had my own appartment in Kurresaare, which was brilliant. The owner came in at 3pm to add wood to this large old woodfired heater and the place kept very warm. I relaxed a fair bit, on Tuesday I went to Kaali, a small town 18km from ´Kurressare. There's a large crater there which I thought was reasonably cool. Then I had two hours before the bus back and it turned pretty damned cold. It was hard to keep the blood flowing I tells you!

Yesterday I spent a few hours (well it was raining) in the Kurresaare Castle. Nice enough, but filled with a museum that has little to do with the castle itself. There was one tower open )but you couldn't see outside) and had a small bridge across, with a twenty metre drop below. Then there was the sound of a lion roaring played to frighten the tourists. Consider me frightened!!

Tallinn looks very interesting, and I have two proper days here to explore! Maybe I can get some photos up...

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