Sunday, October 07, 2007

Swedish Hot Dogs

Hey everyone
still in Sweden here. Everything is pretty much good I guess.
Yesterday I was straight into the site seeing by visiting the Royal Palace. I saw the changing of the guards and then hard a look at the Treasury and a few of the Royal Apartments which are converted into show rooms of a sort.
Stockholm is a very walkable city. Not too big so all is good, although my feet are taking some time to adjust to the new walking boots and are suitably sore after a days walking.
The Swedish Royal Family seem like nice enough people, and their crowns are pretty interesting all told. Some are even the Blue and Yellow of Sweden. Yes, I presume I should have written gold instead of yellow.
But its a friendly city, if rather expensive. Very really, a cheap option for food is the hot dog which one can get for 13 Kronor, about two and a hlaf aussie dollars. Otherwise I am cooking pasta and looking out for a subway else my budget will be up the spout. These hot dogs come in the worlds smallest buns. Its quite amusing really, a long sausage in a tiny roll. No, that was not meant to be rude.

Today I went to the Vasa Museum. In the early 17th century this ship, the Vasa, left Stockholm to fight against the Poles (they were at war at the time funnily enough) and it never got out of Stockholm, sinking before it had hardly moved from the place it was built. In the late 1950s it was pulled from the bottom of the sea, restored and now is the central piece in its own museum. Very nice place, worth a look if youre in town.
Then Skansen is the worlds first and biggest open air museum. Lots of little houses with people playing the roles of people from that time (various periods over the last 300 or 400 years). Saw some nice glass blowing. Also a bit of a zoo contained in this area of which the brown bears were the highlight. One just came up to the glass and walked from one end of the glass to the other and back. And he continued this on and on. Poor thing. But he was so close it was amazing.
So yeah. One more day in Stockholm and I am moving on again, to Lithuania.

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