Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aqaba baa baa

Aqaba was my final stop in Jordan before returning to Amman and flying to Dubai. It was hot there - around the high 30s, but nice enough if not the world's most interesting city. I stayed to nights there, was a little sick, relaxed. There is a small fort and museum which were interesting. The main attraction is the red sea, and from Aqaba you can see Israel and I believe Egypt as well. So a special little area. Although diving and snorkelling trips abound, the sights are apparently not as good as in Egypt.
There is a much bigger upmarket tourist scene in Aqaba compared to the rest of the country. Flashy hotels and restaurants abound, as does the odd night club or three. Aqaba by night from my hotel balcony.
The Red Sea. Surprisingly blue.

Again the red sea, along the promenade.
So, as one country bids farewell another welcomes me. Back to Amman. The wrong way - I hopped on a bus and there was some communication problems. It went to Ma'an, not Amman! oh well, luckily it was on the way and then a share taxi driving at a lazy 150kmph with the Arabic music turned past maximum got me back to Amman and my old hotel.
Whew. Sometimes one feels over this sort of travel. It's very tiring and jees, well, I feel old all of a sudden. I'm only 34. Muscat has been scrapped from the destination list so now I will have a week in Dubai. Jordan has been amazing though, if far too hilly for its own good. Taxis - I am very over taxis, the bargaining. Oh well. Met some really nice taxi drivers too. And some really nice people -
Lukas, Sabrina, Karsten, Dorothy, Bert, Charlie, Lucy, Anna and Matthias it was great to meet you all! And Francesco too. Until we meet again!

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