Thursday, October 01, 2009

Soon I go... and Hamiton Island

Today is Thursday the 1st of October. I am flying out at 2.55am on Monday the 5th. So yes, the time is almost nigh. Or it is nigh.... Is it nigh when it's time to go or when it's nearly time to go?
So yes packing is happening. I have been doing exciting things like filling small bottles with shampoo and scanning in important documents. The most important thing though is making sure my ipod has album artwork for every single one of the 1700 tracks. Now that's a task and a half of full cream dairy milk! For some reason these little tasks always occupy my time as I lead up to another trip.

Hamilton Island. Thought I would share some thoughts and photos with this wonderful global interweb community who never bother to pay my blog a visit. Yes I mean all of you! As you don't read this I presume that's a mute point...

I went to Hamilton Island a few weeks back for my brother's wedding. Hamilton Island is a small island in the Whitsundays off the coast of Queensland. Tropical paradise? Undoubtedly. Cheap? Not even slightly! Relaxing? For sure! Tired of this back and forth? Shit yeah....

oops ok
The whole place is owned by one man (so I hear) and it's big for weddings and families. There are pools dotted around the place that one can swim in at their leisure (awesome) Plenty of bars for the thirsty... some at pool level. Not a lot of choice with restaurants and all places are somewhat pricey. It's really a situation where one has to hang the expense and enjoy where you are. Cocktails are a must.
Plus a reception on a boat.....

can't complain on that score, can I?

Anyways.... looking towards next week i expect this Blog will be a lot busier! Be here or... don't?

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