Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Things are Rum

Howdy Folks!
Just arrived in Aqaba today - a town in the south of Jordan. I spent yesterday and last night in the amazing desert of Wadi Rum. I was on a small tour of seven people and we drove around the dunes. It's truly breathtaking scenery! Here's a general view of the desert. Giant rocks jut out as you can see. It's similar in many ways to central Australia which I visited last year but never quite got around to blogging about. Note to self: When home blog about Central Australia!

Our tour was not one where we got out many times and we given loads of information one could not possibly remember. It was a day of appreciation for where I was. One tidbit though: Lawrence of Arabia spent time in this very desert. Food for thought!

The rocks have been carved over the centuries by sand and wind. The ravages of time have had an art about them, some are striking works of art. There are a few 'bridges' such as the one above. A bridge to where? The soul? Or perhaps just another rock...

What can I say?

The sun set on the day and I spent the night at a Badouin camp. The food was the best meal I've had in Jordan, cooked in a smouldering hole in the ground. There was then a scorpian incident, then some music, and finally sleep in the open on mattress below the stars. What a place to sleep. I saw at least four shooting stars before I fell asleep. Best day of the trip.
So far...

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