Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pottering in Petra

Hey folks
still pottering around.In Petra at the moment. Pretty amazing stuff. Unfortunately I can't get pictures up at the moment computers are not agreeing with my card reader for some reason.
I've walked to the point of nearly having no feet here. Quite exhausted.
Petra is most famous for the treasury building and featuring in Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade, but is actually an ancient city bulit across many kilometres. There are amazing buildings bulit into rock faces,and alsomanytombs. Also some Roman buildings although the orginal builders of Petra were the Nabataeans who settled in Southern Jordan 2200 years ago. According to the brochure.
Unfortunately Petra has its bad points - as does this sticky keyboard. The number of tour groups is somewhat over whelming, as are the people constantly trying to sell you things or get you on a donkey. When you say 'No thanks' don't think that's the end of it!
So another day tomorrow at Petra, and hopefully a desert spot of Lawrence of Arabia fame the following day called Wadi Rum.

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