Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Gondolas in Gandar

Well, that's cause theres no canals!
Well here I am in Gondar, I flew a rather rocky Fokker 50 here yesterday (well, I was in one I was not the pilot!)
It's an interesting town with a real feel of Africa as I have experienced it previously. It's got quite a bit more hassle than I've experienced thus far in Ethiopia, but still it's pleasant enough set amongst some amazing hills. Today I visited the royal enclosure - a surprisingly European looking Castle in the centre of town where ethiopia was ruled from during the 17th century and onwards for a few hundred years.
Tomorrow I head out to the Simien mountains for four days trekking. Should be a great challenge, my first time hiking at such an altitude.
i'm sorry to report I'm having troubles loading photos here. So it may not be until I return home that I can put up more Ethiopian pictures.

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