Thursday, October 08, 2009

Looking for Amman?

Hi Folks
And good morning here from sunny Amman. Yesterday I visited some of the sites around this cool city, which I really kind of like. The guide book says 'Amman is not one of the great cities of antiquity', suggesting it's not so amazing but it was built on Roman ruins which have been somewhat restored and I think it's really amazing. As one can see it's a very hilly place. There is a Roman citadel on the top of a hill that is sort of the centre of Amman, but over the surrounding hills are many homes which make it very striking. This is the view on the roof of the hotel I am presently staying in.
Here is the citadel - well part thereof. It's slowly being restored.

And this is the Amphitheatre. It has been restored and they are preparing for a royal visit apparently. Very cool indeed.

I've met a few people who are not so enamoured with Amman, but I give it the thumbs up! A great place to start a Middle Eastern trip. Many people here (tourists) have come from or are going to Israel. Jordan is one of perhaps two countries in the Middle East that permit you to enter if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport. It's the obvious and now rather predicatble dinner conversation. However this is not a political blog and so I keep my thoughts to myself. Generally not a relazed topic.

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