Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Day trip not to Bangor!

One day in and I already took a day trip.
After a nice long trip sleep on my first night I was feeling surprisingly good to go and headed out on a 'tour' that is run by my hotel here in Amman.
Now tour gets quotation marks because in fact it's just a taxi service to the different sites. This tour was to Mt Nebo, the Dead Sea and a couple of other places. I shared with three Germans who were really nice people... and spoke German a lot!
Well what would I expect? So yes I was the one non-German speaking person in the car

The first stop was a town called Madaba, with the impressive Orthodox church of St George of dragon slaying fame. The town is also famous for mosaics which were rather impressive. Onwards and upwards to Mt Nebo where Moses is rumoured to have stopped and pointed across the way saying 'how about here? let's build our lives here. A McDonald's there and a Starbucks also here!'
Impressive view, a host of tourists some dressed in strange white garbs singing songs. We ventured to the river Jordan to the site where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. Right on the Palestinian/Israeli border, we looked over where the river now flows (it has changed its course in the last 2000 years. Eh, these things happen. So the point of baptism is now completely dry) and only 30 metres away was an Israseli flag flying in the breeze. Everyone I've met travelling here seems to be headed that way at some point or has come from there. I must be the only one just seeing Jordan in this part of the world. When in 1999 I travelled to Egypt it was similar.
So the Dead Sea was the last stop before returning at breakneck speed to Amman. Well it's te Earth's lowest point and incredibly salty. I thought it would be the highlight of the day but alas not really. After five minutes of being really floaty I was over it. That was a good thing because i got some of the salty water in my eyes and couldn't keep them open. They stung like crazy and I ran like a girl to wash the salt out! Still it was like a mini resort and the pool was nice!
The drive home was fast. 120 in 60 zones. However we kept slowing down suddenly - Jordan has radar. They stand behind a large fourwheel drive and well are pretty obvious, nevertheless we must have passed nearly ten on the way back to Amman. A new day dawns and I want breakfast! Photos hopefully very soon!

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