Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jerash and invisible celebrations

Many centuries ago the Romans, as is their want, built a city in the now Jordanian city of Jerash. It certainly was impressive, and was full of columns. They certainly knew a thing about columns!

I journied out to Jerash yesterday by bus as a day trip. The bus had an accident 500 metres after leaving the bus station and we had to wait 40 minutes whilst the police arrived and photographed it for presumably their report. All the men bar myself and couple of others exited the bus and sucked down some nicotine goodness. It's amazing how many people smoke here. It's playing havoc with my sinuses. In fairness though it seems to be other travellers who do the smoking mostly. And indoors over meals as well....

anyways wandering a largish Roman city is a splendid thing to do and I recommend it to everyone. I am back in Amman today and will head to Petra tomorrow! Here the roads are closed and there are celebrations... somewhere. Didn't see them myself! For you see today is Amman's 100th birthday. On the television there was a song 'Amman Amman Amman Amman Amman' (it continued in a similar vein!) So I have done nothing today. It is good!

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