Wednesday, October 28, 2009


well now I am in Northern Ethiopia in the town of Lalibela where some of oldest and most amazing churches in the world. The scenery up here 2600 is also beautiful. It is green and full of colourful birds. I am finding the people very friendly too.
The churches are amazing - they were carved out of rock in the 11th century (I think) over 23 years. Eleven churches in total. The rock in the hills was carved in all but one case from directly above and then inside. They still function today and Lalibela is probably the most important pilgrimidge site for Christian Ethiopians.
It is not that hot but the sun really beats down and there are insects aplenty - flies in the day, mozzies in the night. Fortunately it's too high for malaria. I have killed a handsome bounty of mosquitoes. But so far Ethiopia has been brilliant and breathtaking. Tomorrow I head to the town of Gondar and from there to the Simien Mountains for trekking. Unfortunately it is all dialup connections here so will be a while before I can upload photos and blogging will at best be spasmodic.

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