Monday, October 12, 2009

Photo Success - Petra and Jerash

The wonders of modern technology! I have successfully uploaded pictures from both Jerash and earlier today at Petra!

Jerash - long street and many columns!
Doorway - Jerash

The Treasury, Petra - Most famous site in Petra
Urn Tomb, Petra - Largest of the Royal Tombs and most impressive!
Facades - Petra


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, great photos and all looks very interesting. Glad all is going well. Pity about the salt but I guess with all that flotation you have to expect it. Everything the same here in Melbourne and at your place. Keep up the blogs so we can keep up with you.
Cheers, Lyn

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely amazing travelogue. If this blog is anything to go by your book will be a must have.