Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It begins again.

Dear Reader,
The trip is officially under way!
I am writing after a very very long day of travelling from Amman, Jordan. I left Melbourne at 3am this morning and the day still has a few hours left in it. Well, here it does, it's already tomorrow in Melbourne!
The weather is warm. The first flight was Melbourne to Dubai and was a very good flight - I slept heaps! Which is what I really needed to do. I left feeling stressed and tired and the ol' tum was not being my friend. After the fourteen hour flight I actually felt better and more awake.
Ok so I left my notes on Dubai and Muscat at home, so I had to buy the Lonely Planet in Dubai, but apart from that it was a pretty successful getaway.
There was dust all over the middle east unfortunately as we flew over Oman, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan but still it was clear the scenery is amazing.
The second flight from Dubai to Amman changed gates twice and had me running like crazy. But such is life. I got through customs in Amman and was on the bus into town by 5pm.
There are house and buildings over rolling hills. It's quite amazing I think. Can't wait to get out and take photos. For now I'm at the Palace Hotel and ready for some well needed Zzzzzs.....

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